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What is netnography?

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The term netnography was created by Robert Kozinets who joined the terms interNET and ethNOGRAPHY to refer to a new discipline that aims to explore the online communities and their values and opinions in a non-intrusive way. It is undeniable that in this hyperconnected era consumers and influencers interact in virtual communities where they share […]

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Tree Intelligence Institute’s inauguration day

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There is a wide range of services to transform large amounts of data (BigData) into visual information (Infovis) and strategic knowledge (KnowledgeDiscovery). However, in the Age of Information (Overload), giving context and meaning is essential for obtaining strategic knowledge on crucial issues in an increasingly complex business ecosystem. In this context it is imperative to […]

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Anthropologist highlights how vegans are major influencers in the cosmetics market

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“At the side lines of the recent Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, Cosmetics Design caught up with Ignacio Garcia Zoppi, co-founder of Tree Intelligence, a business that maps and monitors influencer networks the cosmetics industry. Amongst other focuses for the business, Zoppi explained how vegan consumer patterns and ethics often have a significant influence on the market. […]

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