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What is Storytelling?

21 de December de 2015 by tagged as , , ,

Storytelling is the art of telling a story and, so defined, it has existed from ancient times. It has been a form of expression and transmission of knowledge: in cave paintings, in the oral narrations of indigenous cultures, the songs of the minstrels and the heroic stories of all time. Applied to marketing, storytelling is […]

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LivingNethos and Leidar launch partnership to uncover influencer networks

16 de December de 2015 by tagged as , , , ,

The ability to uncover real influencers and relationships between influencers determine the success of communication campaigns and stakeholder engagement. LivingNethos combines state of the art IT solutions with deep knowledge of digital anthropology and sophisticated analysis to understand networks and their influencers. LivingNethos is now joining its forces with Leidar´s Insights team to jointly uncover the […]

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Influence Networks

3 de December de 2015 by in category Blog TI

In the hyperconnected era the influencers makes uses of different web platforms to disseminate information, knowledge and opinions on specific topics.Nowadays there is no single channel of communication, but also the same actor can share ideas on various platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Websites, Blogs, Youtube, etc.   On these platforms people share information, knowledge and opinions […]

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