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We are a company of knowledge discovery as a service.

“Because in the age of information overload, THE ULTIMATE LUXURY IS MEANING AND CONTEXT”

(manifesto from the first issue of Wired Magazine)

Founded in 2011, Tree Intelligence is a research-based consultancy company specialized in map, monitor and manage human networks.

Through a global network of netnographers, consultants and strategic alliances, Tree Intelligence focus on the uncover and understanding of the digital influence networks and its semantics flow of content.

Based on these strategic maps, we identify behavioral movements, risk perceptions, trends, campaigns (pro and against) and innovation opportunities helping organizations to make intelligent decisions.

We develop and deliver paramount results through LivingNethos: a proprietary knowledge discovery platform that integrates data gathering tools, visual information and collaborative modules creating a powerful business intelligence platform available in any device all the time.

Collaboration, Energy and Innovation are our values and also one of our methodologies to map and develop human networks (see related HBR article).

As a result of our work, some of the main organizations such as Coca Cola, Mondelez, Natura and Turner Entertainment  as well as world leaders trust their challenging projects in our hands.

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Ignacio García Zoppi
Co-Founder & CEO

Ignacio Garcia is a Social Anthropologist with +10 years of international experience applying science of networks, data science and digital ethnography for Fortune 500 companies, such as Coca Cola, Mondelez, Natura and Turner Entertainment.

As a CEO of Tree Intelligence, Ignacio leads a global network of researchers and consultants connected through a proprietary knowledge discovery platform: LivingNethos.

As columnist and speaker he collaborates with global medias and business/academic events.

In the academic field he worked with social economy inside interdisciplinary teams along with prestigious universities such as: Miami University, Columbia University, Universidad de Buenos Aires and Universidad Autónoma de México.

Ignacio is an innovative person and professional, always seeking for new challenges to apply his experience and knowledge to get solutions to his clients and partners.

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Shalla Monteiro
Shalla Monteiro
Co-Founder & Marketing Director

Shalla Monteiro is graduated in Advertising, post-Graduate in Global MKT and specialized in Direct and Interactive MKT (NYU). Shalla co-founded Tree Intelligence along with Ignacio Garcia and leads Marketing and Social projects areas of the company.

She has 20 years of professional experience in the areas of Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Market Research, Event Production, Social Responsibility, Direct and Interactive MKT.

In 2011 Shalla applied her knowledge on Digital Communication combined with her inner passion for Humanity to change the life of a brazilian homeless in an amazing way. The story was spread out around the world (it is still alive through the book “#Incondicional”) and Facebook has chosen it as one of the Ten Stories to celebrate its first decade.

Currently Shalla leads the efforts to use LivingNethos for social purposes. Raimundo Sobrinho´s project is one of our best cases to exemplify how helpful LivingNethos is for a wide spectrum of projects.

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Javier Bundio
javi nuevo

Graduated in Social Anthropology and PHD candidate in Sociology, Javier is specialist in Digital Anthropology and Social Network Analysis and a pioneer in the application of social network analysis to sports.

He coordinates the international team of netnographers and the e-learning platform.

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Luciane Cruz
luciane nuevo-01
Business Development

Graduated in Business Process Management, Luciane coordinates the business development initiatives of the company. She has more than 10 years of experience working for multinational companies in UK, Spain and Brazil.

She is also the blog author of “Invisible Pregnancy” that aims to raise consciousness to the importance of adoption to a world with more than 132 million orphans.

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Alberto García
alberto nuevo
Data Mining

Graduated in Electronic Engineering and with a master in Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery, Alberto leads the Data Mining area.

Check Alberto’s full profile on Linkedin:ín-garcía-441b8717/pt

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Andrés Cufari
andy nuevo-01
Software Development

Software Engineering and IT entrepreneur. Expert in web architecture and cloud technologies, he leads the LivingNethos development.

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Vinicius Buso
vinicius nuevo
Strategic Alliances

Master in Business Economic (FGV) and Business Administrator (U.C. Berkley), Vinicius has a solid background in entrepreneurship (Recinert Ambientale), market research (Nielsen, GPA, Cadbury) and strategic branding (Thymus). His goal in Tree Intelligence is to coordinate strategic alliances in Brazil.

Check Vinicius’ full porfile on Linkedin:

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William Cerantola
william nuevo
Health & Life Sciences

William A. Cerantola is a biologist, master in business administration, post graduate and PhD student in marketing and communication at Universidade of São Paulo and Nova IMS. William has 25 years of professional experience as executive and consultant in marketing, communication and customer relationship areas with emphasis in pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, medical device and hospital as well projects in cosmetics industry, retail, construction and environmental engineering. Currently acts as partner and consultant at Plexus Consulting. His goal in Tree Intelligence is to develop health related projects.

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Leidaris a sophisticated international communication consultancy headquartered in Geneva, where influence networks shape the global agenda.

The alliance with Leidar is oriented to deliver deep understanding of influence networks to help global clients develop the right communications strategies with focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (NCDs).

Leidar and Tree Intelligence share offices and resources in Europe (Geneva, Brussels, London and Oslo) and Latin America (Argentina and Sao Paulo).

Workforce & Stakeholder Mapping

Influencers & Trends Identification

Brands & Risk Perception Monitoring

Network Strategy & Activation

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