Brands & Risk Perception Monitoring

Strength your brand, monitor risk perception and campaigns.

The reputation of a brand is the most valuable asset of an organization. In the digital environment, free access to publishing tools creates a vulnerable scenario to disseminate campaigns in favor or against your company, rumors, risks that may interfere in the gain or loss of market value.

To be aware of these movements and close to opinion leaders is fundamental to drive strategies to be disclosed or contained, or even to avoid potential crises. For this matter the digital reputation mapping evidences:

  • Stakeholders’s Map: Who are the key stakeholders in its business segment and the networks that are connected
  • Opinion Leaders: What is the network of influence among the clients of your brand and how to approach them correctly
  • Campaigns and Trends: What are the public’s behavior trends that will cause changes in the market
  • Risk Perception Networks: What the public thinks and talks about certain topics that can influence your business and how it goes viral
  • Risk Communication Strategy: What is the best strategy to prevent and overcome a crisis in the digital environment


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Note the differences between Digital Reputation Mapping and Monitoring of social media (Social Tracking):

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