Influence networks of the World Economic Forum #Davos2017

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We have mapped the online influence networks around the World Economic Forum (WEF) last Annual Meeting 2017. The image below shows that the WEF was the key broker and link between the actors in the network, represented as the centre of the largest cluster in the week leading up to the event, and as the pink dot near the centre of the mass network during the event. magnified_influence-768x525 When we magnify the centre of the influencer network during the event to show more clearly the central players in the mass network, the three clusters are visible.
  • First, a cluster centred around the WEF organisation, including the WEF’s Spanish language social media channel ‘@WEF en Español’. The use of quality content in this additional language certainly contributed to the level of Spanish language engagement with the event overall.
  • Second, a regional cluster around the UK Prime Minister Theresa May. This includes influencers such as British Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, UK journalists, and UK based NGOs.
  • Third, a regional cluster centred on Indian news anchor Shereen Bhan. This cluster mainly includes Indian politicians and media outlets, which prompted engagement in multiple languages.
  Other top influencers are also visible at this scale, including new US President Donald Trump, and top international journalists. These individuals do not form part of one of the three main clusters, but are interlinked with them.   Check the complete report here:   #TreeIntelligence #WEF #Leidar #Netnograph #Davos2017 #SocialNetworkAnalysis
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