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In the hyperconnected era the influencers makes uses of different web platforms to disseminate information, knowledge and opinions on specific topics.Nowadays there is no single channel of communication, but also the same actor can share ideas on various platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Websites, Blogs, Youtube, etc.   On these platforms people share information, knowledge and opinions which gives them the possibility to become a reference in a specific topic. In a way we can say that the influence of these actors has to do with the way they link their networks. But, how to measure their real influence in the online world?   First we must say that the entire network of influence is primarily a communication network. Without communication there is no influence. Therefore the influence of an actor can be thought of as the level of connectivity that he has within his communications network. Secondly, any online influence network depends on the web visibility of an actor. A person can be highly influential in the academic field but have null web visibility (does not make use of social platforms, doens´t have a personal blog, either is not mentioned in the mass media). These people do not communicate in the online world, therefore they can not have influence. In such cases we say that this person has a high offline influence, but no online influence. Post 1 2 3 Finally worth clarifying that we should not confuse an online influence network with a virtual community. The virtual community is to all users of social platforms that communicate among themselves. But only a small part of this community consists of influencers. This group,  minority but influential, we call the influencers small world.   Visit the Tree Intelligence Institute for more information.  
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