Influencers & Trends Identification

Identify Influencers, discover Trends and define Buyer Personas

For the last 5 years our global team of netnographers have been mapping and monitoring who are the influencers in specific topics, to whom they influence and how they produce behavioral and legislative changes through the digital landscape.     Uncover who they are, how they behave and what is the impact of their influence are key for most of the contemporary strategic process, from R&D to digital marketing and engagement.

Influencers in probiotics (USA)


Who are the Influencers of your segment?

We map, monitor and engage digital influencers in specific issues such as sustainability, health, nutrition, biotech, fin-tech, beauty and entertainment.

What are the next Trends and Future Scenarios?

We carefully listen to the influence network in order to identify synchronicities and discourse connections from where trends and future scenarios emerge. Get taylor made reports with emergent trends, behavioral movements and innovation opportunities based on digital ethnography research.

Who is your Buyer Persona?

Define your archetypical target is key to focus your resources (from R&D to marketing) to the right public segmentation. We help you to develop your Buyer Persona based on a deep understanding of their influencers, communities, demographics, behavior patterns, motivations and goals.

Mapping of Donors, Fundraising, Recruitment and Awareness for socioambiental campaigns.

We help fundraising, recruitment and cause awareness campaigns to:

  • Identify and deeply understand their public
  • Spread the cause through the digital influence networks
  • Increase donors, participants and awareness
  • Benchmark, measure KPIs and calibrate the process


We apply a proprietary powerful approach integrated by:

  • Social network analysis: to map and monitor donors

Imagen red

  • Digital ethnography: to understand their behaviour and get powerful insights

Imagen persona

  • Storytelling: to emotionally connect with them
Disruptive Technology:

Have complete control of the campaign through an interactive dashboard that shows you the evolution of your campaign (visually, quantitative and qualitative) and allows you to collaborate with our international team in real time. 


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Know more about the Mapping of Key Opinion Leaders for Pharma

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