LivingNethos and Leidar launch partnership to uncover influencer networks

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The ability to uncover real influencers and relationships between influencers determine the success of communication campaigns and stakeholder engagement. LivingNethos combines state of the art IT solutions with deep knowledge of digital anthropology and sophisticated analysis to understand networks and their influencers. LivingNethos is now joining its forces with Leidar´s Insights team to jointly uncover the relationships between global business stakeholders. The two companies will collaborate to deliver deep understanding of networks to help clients develop the right communications strategies.
  • We have been looking for a likeminded partner who truly understands global affairs and the international landscape. With Leidar we see a consultancy that will help us engage with both global organisations, large international enterprises and academia to bring netnography into communication and engagement strategies, says Ignacio Garcia, a social anthropologist, co-founder and CEO of LivingNethos.
  • We are constantly on the hunt for tools to innovate international strategy and communications campaign development. When we met with Ignacio in Sao Paulo in June this year, we knew we had found a partner who could help us make a real difference for clients in terms of understanding their issues and how their stakeholder environments are “living”. We are very excited to start this journey with LivingNethos, says Rolf Olsen, CEO and founder of Leidar.
LivingNethos and Leidar will share offices and resources in Europe (Geneva, Brussels, London and Oslo) and Latin America (Argentina and Sao Paulo) along with a global network of netnographers. 2794206980

LivingNethos founder and CEO, Ignacio Garcia (centre) with Dr. Lukasz Bochenek (left) who leads Leidar´s insight offering and Rolf Olsen (right), Leidar CEO and founder.

Original press release posted 10th of december 2015 by Rolf Olsen on Leidar’s website

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