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12208623_1084599428218944_7266293724196882887_n “LivingNethos will release on the #WebSummit Dublin 2015 from 3rd to 5th of November. WebSummit is the most important gathering of startups on the planet. LivingNethos was designed by #TreeIntelligence´s Co-Founder Ignacio Garcia Zoppi and developed by a multidisciplinary team of consultants and specialists in Network Science, Data Science and Netnography. LN emerged from the need of a full support toolbox for consultancy projects that could make possible remote collaboration of the analysts and remote access of the results for the customer. Through LN users can collaborate with their teams and analysts simultaneously. From the very beginning LN platform has its focus on the Mapping, Monitoring and Management of Human Networks (on and offline) oriented to a non-specialized user (differently from Social Network Analysis softwares). Quantitative and qualitative functionalities are continuously added to LN with a holistic focus on collaboration and insight creation throughout the entire process of Knowledge Discovery. “
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