Tree Intelligence Institute’s inauguration day

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12208701_1087640161248204_2412295549658159621_n There is a wide range of services to transform large amounts of data (BigData) into visual information (Infovis) and strategic knowledge (KnowledgeDiscovery). However, in the Age of Information (Overload), giving context and meaning is essential for obtaining strategic knowledge on crucial issues in an increasingly complex business ecosystem. In this context it is imperative to integrate disciplines that are essential to understand the contemporary world: Data science: provides data segmentation and structure to generate predictive models; Network science: detects relationship patterns that underlie the interactions between influencers; Netnography: provides the context and meaning needed to understand the relationship patterns mapped through digital media. Tree Intelligence Institute offers online courses in #SocialNetworkAnalysis, #DataScience and #Netnography. In addition it enables the trainees to use the collaborative platform #LivingNethos. Also it functions as a meeting point of specialists on various topics associated with the study of #Networks, #Analytics, #Netnography, #DataVisualization and #DigitalMarketing. Enter in Tree Intelligence Institute and register for the first online courses!!
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