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wordle - Copia The term netnography was created by Robert Kozinets who joined the terms interNET and ethNOGRAPHY to refer to a new discipline that aims to explore the online communities and their values and opinions in a non-intrusive way. It is undeniable that in this hyperconnected era consumers and influencers interact in virtual communities where they share ideas, knowledge and values, in areas of great freedom of speech. These communities are as real as any other in the offline world, but they also have big differences. It is not necessary that communities share a “physical” space or that reside in one place. Although we will see in future courses how linguistic community delimits borders in the community. The importance of studying these virtual communities is based on the fact that the major part of the shared knowledge in it has an important value. For the academy it is an opportunity to study for long periods of time the individual and group behavior; for specialists in marketing and communication it provides them a set of valuable information about how consumers value products; for strategy and business areas it works as a trigger of campaigns alerts that could damage the image of a company; and the list is not easily exhausted. “Introduction to netnography with LivingNethos” by Tree Intelligence Institute. Enroll in course. http://goo.gl/b6k6M6
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