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Storytelling is the art of telling a story and, so defined, it has existed from ancient times. It has been a form of expression and transmission of knowledge: in cave paintings, in the oral narrations of indigenous cultures, the songs of the minstrels and the heroic stories of all time. Applied to marketing, storytelling is to tell a story about you, your company, your product or service which generates an emotional connection with your customers.   What are the advantages of telling stories?  
  • Stories are easy to remember,
  • they are easy to tell, and
  • doing it gives context and meaning to data.
  Making use of storytelling in LivingNethos   The stories of how a company or project started, what was the dream that motivated the venture, how obstacles were overcome, what idea stimulated the development of a new product or service, are all ways in which a company or project can make use of storytelling in LivingNethos.   The LivingNethos platform offers a fully configurable Timeline creation module in which you can display your storytelling. It allows you to view different milestones and events placed in horizontal or vertical layouts, to identify and filter them using labels, and to also add images and videos.   Post 4 5 6        

Feel free to tell us your story. Start our e-training today and get a free license for LivingNethos.

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