Workforce & Stakeholders Mapping

Accelerating Cooperation, Energy and Innovation


Like an X-ray, our methodology reveals WHO’S WHO, WHO IS CONNECTED WITH WHO and WHO KNOWS WHAT in key dimensions of relationship:

  • Cooperation: Base of all networking and constituted by networks of communication, knowledge and Projects
  • Energy: Dimension of psychological motivation and positive emotions, relationships source of high yield
  • Innovation: Succession of networks of co-creation that emerge from Energized Cooperation

The mapping is based on our pioneering model called Organizational Pyramid Network Model.  Applied since 2009 in different segments and sizes of organizations, the model enable the setting of Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) and development plans for the organizational and individual level.

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Design and development of networks

Every organization is a large network. However, connect strategically stakeholders is crucial to make organizations more innovative domestic cooperatives, competitive and adaptable to external environment.

Draw innovative networks optimizing strategically paths between people and areas.

Identification and Talent Management

Manage networked talents is the challenge that the Era of Interconnectedness imposes on the Management. To do so we need to consider informal networks work, recognize and manage Informal leaders, Hubs, Bridge Creators/Brokers in order to make the organization more cohesive and shorten the paths to completion of work.

Performance Evaluation of Networking

Measure the performance of the networking of employees setting new KPIs of networking, complementing them with existing ones.

Mapping and management of Knowledge Networks

The strategic recombination of tacit knowledge and explicit in your organization is the alchemy of innovation.

Uncover the tree of knowledge of your organization and map their streams.

Diagnosis of Communication Channels

The communication is not the channel, communication is the net! Is a maxim for us.

Mapping communication flows that flow by various internal and external channels is the smarter way to propose ways and means to enhance the most valuable asset of a brand, its relations.

Diagnosis of Organizational Climate

Networks of energy and motivation that circulate in the organization are key to a healthy and creative work environment, because people prefer to relate to, cooperate and co-create with those with whom they feel motivated and energized.

Map of Stakeholders

Visualize and measure the complex network of relationships with its stakeholders, making their management more transparent and efficient.

Obtain a strategic map of relations between all its touch points, extracting quantitative indicators and recommendations to enhance the institutional communication, the quality of relations and the time to market.

Collective Intelligence

Collective intelligence or crowdsourcing can be mapped and stimulated strategically within and outside the organization.

Integration in PMI Processes

It is known that the main obstacle to the integration of two or more organizational cultures are their respective informal networks work.

Audit and stimulate integration between organizational work networks!

Encouraging Adoption of Enterprise Social Networks

The successful adoption of collaborative technologies need a previous diagnosis of cooperation networks within the organization, identifying those who have ability to multiply and stimulate its use within the Informal Networks of work.

Mapping the Sales Force

Vendors and representatives have in their relationships their main Capital.

We help you visualize and manage the sales force relational capital, making the sale process more efficient and strategic.

Sport Network Analysis

Soccer is a sport network, where the effectiveness of passes shows the synergy of the group. As in organizations, the best results are only achieved through the collective; so the team need to be in constant harmony.

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No serviço de Mapeamento de Stakeholders, você encontrará mapas precisos e dinâmicos com todos os públicos de contato com a Marca, identificando temas relevantes, riscos e oportunidades.

Já no serviço de Mapeamento de Novos Mercados, fornecemos informações estratégicas para a expansão comercial em novas regiões ou segmentos.

Finalmente, no serviço  Mapeamento de Doadores e Apoiadores de Campanhas, ajudamos na captação de doadores e apoiadores de campanhas de sensibilização para uma causa específica.

Veja a seguir o detalhe de cada um destes serviços inovadores.


Stakeholders Mapping: Visualize, measure and manage Risk & Opportunities

What is it?

The Stakeholder Map is a strategic process of identifying, analyzing and managing the complex stakeholders networks in which brands are inserted.



Through a disruptive methodology and technology we present an integrated vision of your stakeholders via the following interactive modules:

  • Stakeholders Map: dynamic network identifying who is who, who influences who and what are the perceptions, risks and opportunities flowing through the network.
  • Influencers Panel: Categorization of each influencer according to the organization’s strategy, guiding a communication plan and engagement.
  • Materiality Matrix: identification of strategic topics for both the organization and stakeholders.
  • Risk Chart: Measurement of Influencers Risk Perception vs. Internal variables such as the Technical Hazard of ingredients or Brand positioning in relation to a certain topic.


Main differentials

  • Uncover the BRAND RELATIONSHIP ECOSYSTEM, covering all relevant stakeholders.
  • Integrates DIFFERENT SOURCES, both online with internal and third parties.
  • DYNAMIC, COLLABORATIVE and constantly UPDATING process.
  • MULTILEVEL VISUALIZATION MODULES from the identification of strategic topics to the capillarity of an influencer’s Dossier.
  • Enables the ACTIONABLES REGISTRATION, REPORTS DEVELOPMENT and SHARING and send ALERTS to the members of the project.
  • INTERNATIONAL TEAM of analysts who feed the process and are ready to offer REAL-TIME SUPPORT.
  • Provides an ONLINE DASHBOARD with 24/7 secure access on any device.

Areas to apply

  • Consumer Insight
  • Branding
  • Corporate Communication
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Government and Institutional Relations
  • Advocacy and PR
  • Areas Involved in Strategic Planning


Stakeholder Engagement

From the strategic knowledge gained during the mapping process, a complete stakeholder engagement plan can be developed using the 10 steps of the Stakeholder Engagement Standard (AA1000) as a reference.

A. Mapping and Engagement Plan:

  1. Identify Stakeholders.
  2. Identify relevant issues (R & O).
  3. Determine purpose of engagement.
  4. Define the engagement plan and schedule.
  5. Determine ways to approach.
  6. Explain the process to those involved.
  7. Identify the relevant aspects addressed.

B. Implementation and Monitoring:

  1. Put into practice and internalize the learning.
  2. Measure, monitor and evaluate performance.
  3. Update and calibrate mapping (continuous process).
Mapping of Donors, Fundraising, Recruitment and awareness for special causes


We help to find donors, fundraising, recruitment and campaigns to:

  • Identify and deeply understand their public.
  • Spread the cause through the digital influence networks.
  • Increase donors, participants and awareness.
  • Benchmark, measure KPIs and calibrate the process.



We apply a proprietary powerful approach integrated by:

  • Social network analysis: to map and monitor donors.
  • Digital ethnography: to understand their behaviour and get powerful insights.
  • Storytelling: to emotionally connect with them.


Disruptive Technology:
Have complete control of the campaign through an interactive dashboard that shows you the evolution of your campaign (visually, quantitative and qualitative) and allows you to collaborate with our international team in real time.


Mapping of New Markets

Providenciamos inteligência de mercado baseada em mapeamento das redes de negócios.

Desde a criação de um novo negócio até a  expansão de um já existente, identificamos:

  • Nichos de oportunidades e novos negócios: Onde estão as oportunidades de expansão ou criação de novos negócios intra e cross-category, intra e cross-industry?
  • Investidores: Que tipo de investidor se ajusta ao seu perfil, quem são e como pode abordá-los?
  • Leads: Quem são os seus potenciais clientes, quais as suas caraterísticas e como abordá-los comercialmente por meio das mídias sociais?
  • Players: Quem são os seus competidores, qual a força da sua Marca no mercado e como pode posicionar a sua Marca estrategicamente no ambiente digital?
  • Alianças: Quais são as suas potenciais alianças estratégicas para complementar a sua oferta e expandir o seu campo de atuação?
  • Distribuidores: Quem são os seus potenciais distribuidores, quais as suas caraterísticas e redes de influências?
  • Colaboradores: Quem são os seus melhores potenciais colaboradores (foco no C-Level)? Saiba tudo sobre eles antes de entrevistá-los.
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