The world is in Network. Strategically thinking about the complex Influence and Relationship Networks on topics of interest is what makes Tree Intelligence unique.

Understand who are the internal and external influencers in your organization, how the narratives and issues of your interest flow, and how your Brand or campaign can strengthen and strategically position itself in Network mode.



And we have been talking about this phenomenon for a long time, which gains momentum in our increasingly hyper-connected societies.

Since our foundation in 2011, we have declared the importance of Strategic Network Thinking® and how it should be oriented towards understanding the communities that are built (online and offline) in relation to specific themes and interests.

Our CEO, Organizational and Digital Anthropologist Ignacio García presents these concepts at TEDx Talk Campinas.

Check it out in the video below:

“Networks have never been so fashionable, they are widely used as a metaphor for the spirit of the times we live in: The Age of Networks, The Network Society, The Age of (Hyper) Connectivity are some of the terms used to describe how our society currently thinks and relates.

However, from an anthropological point of view, societies have developed themselves in Network mode since their beginnings, predating by at least two million years the cybercultural phenomena of social media. The need to connect, to belong and to build a group identity, that is, to relate in large Social Networks between individuals, is what makes us human”

Thus, for Tree Intelligence to unravel, monitor and manage Networks, whether online, offline, internal, external or integrated, first of all, it is necessary to strategically understand the social dynamics among the different Stakeholders that compose them.


Why is thinking strategically about the Network essential?

When analyzing Stakeholders in lists, and not in Network, it is not possible to observe how they influence each other and how narratives flow, which causes one to lose the vision and strategic position that they really have, regardless of their formal power.


In this aspect, thinking and mostly acting in Network is a much more efficient way to achieve your business goals.


How does Tree Intelligence Map, Monitor and help to develop Strategic Networks?

We have developed pioneering methodologies and proprietary technologies so that the Mapping, Monitoring, Management and Development of internal, external and integrated Networks could be applied to several types of organizations, industries, areas and regions of the world.

We have a global Network of experts and partners who complement our systemic approach with their knowledge in a customized and sophisticated way.

Tree Intelligence is a global technology, consulting and strategy company specialized in Social Intelligence and a pioneer in the application of Network Intelligence to business.

Through the innovative integration of the methodological tripod that unites techniques from Network Science, Data Science and Netnography, we develop exclusive methodologies and technologies for Mapping, Monitoring, Management and Development of strategies for multi- internal, external and integrated stakeholder Networks.

Our principles and values


Cooperation is the basis of every Network.


Through it, organizations are more competitive and adaptable to the networked world.


Cooperation needs to be based on motivating links


which enable energized cooperation that goes beyond positions and functions.


Innovating is the key to more adaptive, competitive and sustainable organizations.


More than clever ideas, it is essential to have networks capable of turning initiatives into reality. For Tree Intelligence, innovation is the emerging property of a cooperative and energized Network!

How We Have  Us

Ignacio Garcia and Shalla Monteiro founded Tree Branding - Brand Strategy Consultancy - from the view that Brands are emerging properties of complex Networks between multiple stakeholders.
Ignacio Garcia and Shalla Monteiro founded Tree Intelligence, a global technology, consulting and strategy company, specialized in social intelligence, pioneer in the methodological integration between Data Science, Network Science and Netnography. Born binational, operating since its beginning in Argentina and Brazil
Tree Intelligence also begins to map external Networks for major global brands such as Coca-Cola® and Natura®.
Launch of Tree Intelligence's first technological platform: LivingNethos®: a Social Intelligence platform that pioneered the integration of Netnography and Social Network Analysis in a collaborative way, being accessed by our analysts, customers and partners globally.
We started mapping Internal Networks (Informal Networks) in organizations with more than fifty thousand people, located in different regions of the country and the world. A unique challenge not only in methodological but technological terms!
We started Mapping, Monitoring and Managing projects for internal, external and integrated networks on the European continent, for organizations such as the World Health Organization, Yara and Nestlé Switzerland.
Tree Intelligence wins an international bid to serve the Renova Foundation: created from the greatest socio-environmental tragedy in the world. We provide Network Intelligence through consulting, strategy and technology for the Mapping, Monitoring and Management of the most relevant Stakeholder Networks for the organization
Creation of the business verticals: LivingStakeholders®, LivingTeamwork® and LivingInfluencers®.
Conducts Mappings of Internal Networks in global organizations, covering 3 continents and more than 10 countries, with challenges of transforming and adapting their Networks during the pandemic.
Tree Intelligence is hired by the World Bank to develop and apply an innovative framework for mapping the evolution of the social contract in Brazil, focused on public policies. It later becomes part of the “Report Brazil 2040”.
Tree Intelligence is the first company to map the Metaverses through its LivingInfluencers technology.
In the transition between Tree Branding and Tree Intelligence, Tree Intelligence was the first Latin American company to present a case of Mapping Organizational Networks carried out at Vivo/Telefónica at Circuits of Profit: the most important event of Organizational Networks (Business Network Research Conference) in the world, held in Budapest.
We published the article “An Anthropological View of Social Networks” describing the pioneering Organizational Network Mapping Model, Networking Pyramid®, in the Harvard Business Review. Today, the Model has already been applied in more than 150 Organizations of varied sizes and segments in several countries.
Tree Intelligence begins to map and uncover networks of influencers on controversial ingredients, which enabled us in 2015 to develop the Risk Perception Index (an index that maps the risk of controversial ingredients in cosmetics and food globally).
We participated in the Press Club Brussels Workshop on Sustainable Development Goals and Health for the food and pharma industry in Belgium.
Tree Intelligence leads its first project for the Pharmaceutical Industry, with which it maintains a solid relationship.
We participated in the Hackathon “Data for Good by Impact Hard” in Geneva, Switzerland, in which the team of researchers from different countries and companies such as IPOS was trained in the use of our LivingNethos platform and won the challenge proposed in the Hackathon in the face of various technologies, like IBM's Watson. How proud a Brazilian company is to be on this level!
Tree Intelligence organizes the first Open Innovation Networks® at Roche® Pharma Brasil, carrying out, together with the company's Innovation area, a pioneering mapping and integration of the internal and external networks of its Innovation ecosystem.
The company relies on a Network of interdisciplinary professionals, who work collaboratively, located in different regions and countries around the world: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Berlin, New York and Miami, among others.
Tree becomes the first and only company in the world specialized in Mapping and Development of internal, external and integrated networks.
Tree completes 10 years unveiling and managing Stakeholder Networks in leading global organizations around the world, being the only company that has proprietary methodology, technology and model, with more than 10 years of experience

Meet Our Team of Experts


Ignacio Garcia


Argentinian, based in Brazil, Organizational and Digital Anthropologist from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), he is a pioneer in Latin America in the integration of Network Science, Data Science and Digital Ethnography applied to organizational transformation processes and business ecosystems through proprietary methodologies and technologies. With over 10 years of experience in global consulting for leading organizations such as World Health Organization, World Bank, Natura & Co, Nestlé, Mondelez, Coca Cola, Braskem, Petrobras, CTG, EDP, Novartis, Abbott and Itaú, among others. Co-founder and CEO of Tree Intelligence – the region’s leading consulting and technology company in Network intelligence, located in Brazil, Argentina and the United States – and creator of the LivingStakeholders, LivingTeamwork and LivingInfluencers SaaS platforms, Ignacio leads a team of international netnographers that provide dynamic maps and Network strategies for organizations of various industries and sizes.

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Shalla Monteiro

Co-Founder & Diretora Administrativa e de Cultura

Graduated in Advertising, postgraduate in Global Marketing and specialized in Direct and Interactive Marketing (NYU). She has more than 20 years of professional experience in the areas of Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Market Research, Event Production, Social Responsibility, Direct and Interactive Marketing.

In 2011, Shalla applied her expertise in Digital Communication, combined with her inner passion for Humanity, to change the life of a Brazilian homeless person in an incredible way. The  story was spread around the world (still alive through the book “#Unconditional”) and Facebook chose it as one of the 10 stories to commemorate its first decade.

Shalla currently works in the management of administrative and legal matters, in addition to being responsible for the company’s Marketing and Culture area.

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Vinicius Buso

Global Director &
Head Living Team work

Graduated in social communication from ESPM, with a specialization in Business Administration from UC Berkeley and Master´s in Business Economics from Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo.

With a wide professional and multidisciplinary trajectory, working in the areas of market intelligence, creation and management of brands, definition of positioning and value proposition.

Since 2018, he has been leading market intelligence and organizational transformation projects in large global organizations.

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Isabela Lins

Head LivingStakeHolders
& LivingInfluencers

Social Scientist, Master and Doctoral Student in Political Science at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). She has additional training in Advocacy and Public Policy (FGV); Government Relations, Advocacy and New Technologies (ITSRio); Social Network Analysis, Netnography and Qualitative Data Analysis (UFMG).

A member of IrelGov, she participates in debates and working groups focused on defining methodologies and technologies for mapping multi-stakeholder and a matrix of themes.

Isabella is Project & Product Head at Tree Intelligence, leading projects for mapping, monitoring and managing multi-stakeholder Networks for different markets.

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Javier Bundio

Head P&D / Head Tree Academy

Argentinian graduated as Full Stack Web Developer by Digital House and Graduated in Graphic Design by Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). In addition to having extensive work experience in the sector, he is currently an advanced student of Philosophy at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA).

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Marina Rañi

Research e Project Coordinator

Argentinian graduated in Anthropology with training in Archeology at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). She serves as Tree Intelligence’s Global Research & Project Coordinator.

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João Justi


Journalist, specialist in Digital Marketing focused on creating and executing digital strategies aimed at optimizing conversion channels.

He has experience in Marketing Agencies, Startups and in the audiovisual production area.

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Luciane Moreira

BackOffice Head

Graduated in Management Processes with an MBA in Business Management, she lived in England for 5 years and brought many experiences in her luggage. Luciane has extensive experience in administration, BackOffice and facilities teams of multinationals in Brazil and the UK.

Luciane is responsible for the BackOffice department, which includes administrative, financial, accounting and legal activities, and for the Human Resources area at Tree Intelligence, working with Recruitment and Selection, People Management and Company Policies.

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