Acceleration of the organizational integration

Accelerate integration after Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring by mapping and monitoring Workforce Networks

Cultural integration after M&A and restructuring is one of the biggest challenges that executives can face. We already know that the first 100 days are key in post-acquisition integration or restructuring, and that culture shock and talent drain is the norm rather than the exception. Network mapping provides strategic paths based on network data and metrics like no other integration tool so that the cultural integration process is not a real pain for your organization.

Through this mapping you will be able to:

How we do

We conduct an Organizational Network Analysis mapping using our LivingTeamwork technology, which is based on the Network Pyramid Model (García, HBR). This model was developed by Tree Intelligence founding partner 10 years ago and has been applied in the diagnosis and development of hundreds of organizations of different sizes, segments and countries.

You will be able to browse, segment, measure and discover who is who (regardless of the formal organization chart), what are the communication flows and bottlenecks and how they can be redesigned to accelerate change and achieve your strategic goals.

All this in a simple, fast and objective way with the support of a highly specialized international team.

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