Map and monitor the Stakeholders and Issues that impact your business

In the age of information overload, it is necessary to work with data in an integrated and strategic way to anticipate opportunities and risks.

Why use LivingStakeholders® ?

It is an unique, agile and efficient solution that allows different applications that drive strategic transformation.

Unique and effective methodology for stakeholder mapping

The “Small World” approach allows an in-depth look to understand the context and meaning that underlie the identification of truly strategic stakeholders.

Network strategic vision

View of networks of influence that allows establishing more strategic actions in relation to stakeholders.

Monitor and identify trends and changes

Continuous monitoring of issues and stakeholders allows you to observe emerging changes in online and offline scenarios

Data-driven decisions

Makepossible to base strategic decisions (engagement, positioning, etc.) from data (data-driven).

Customizable Data

Customizable technology and service that relies on ongoing expert collaboration.

Data and service integration

Different internal and external data sources available in one place. The platform can be connected to the client’s database, services or applications.

How does LivingStakeholders® work?

We combine a proven methodology with proprietary technology and a team of experts.

Analysis of the “Big World”:
Application of selection criteria:
Discovery of the “Small World” Network:

Manage information about Stakeholders and topics of interest in a single place

It is not necessary to have different tools to obtain and store information, with LivingStakeholders® different data can be integrated in a single place and used in a more strategic way.

When to use LivingStakeholders® ?

Our technology allied to our multidisciplinary and multicultural specialists team enables the development of knowledge and insights for the construction of strategies in different challenges.

Risk and crisis Managenent

Companies that have already applied LivingStakeholders®

LivingStakeholders® in numbers

More than 10 years unveiling and managing Multi-Stakeholder Networks developing projects for Organizations around the world.

+ 15
Mapped Stakeholders
+ 10
identified issues
+ 1
monitored countries

Companies that use our technology  in your strategies

What people say about LivingStakeholders®

We had the challenge of accelerating the digitization and social selling of Natura Consultants to continue the journey of evolution of our business model. For this purpose, we identified the need to deepen our understanding of the digital ecosystem and we turned to Tree Intelligence/LivingStakeholders as our strategic partner, specialist in Netnography, due to the experience we already had of successful projects in other areas, such as branding and innovation. The recommended approaches for this digital mapping of Consultants, as well as the knowledge and commitment of Tree Intelligence’s team made it possible to achieve the objectives of the study. The lessons learned guided the execution of the Natura Consultants' digitization and social selling front, which accelerated growth in recent years and particularly prepared us to better navigate in the context of the new normal, where digital ecosystems have gained even more relevance.
Leónidas Gómez
Head of Strategy Natura & Co Latin America: Natura - The Body Shop - Aesop - Avon
Our partnership with Tree Intelligence - LivingStakeholders spans an extensive 10 year period. During this time, we have worked on several fronts where we have used network mapping and intelligence to guide our strategy in areas as diverse as Regulatory and Science development as well as Brand engagement. Their capability is unique as are the insights they help generate. A great ally in creating competitive advantages for our business.
Andrea Alvares
Institutional Relations Manager at Fundação Renova
Tree Intelligence - LivingStakeholders really helped us in structuring the model for mapping the stakeholders involved in the repair of the Rio Doce. We are grateful to all the team members who supported us in consolidating such a complex network.
William Sarayeddin
Institutional Relations Manager at Fundação Renova


Most frequently asked questions about LivingStakeholders®

The methodology and platform developed by Tree Intelligence can be applied to any type of organization in the most different market segments. Our services are customizable and able to meet different challenges and organizations. 

The Plataform  is a SaaS that can be accessed by Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, and by any device (cell phone, tablet, notebooks, etc). There is no need to download an app for access.

We apply AI processes in different parts of the system such as in (1) Suggested Stakeholders: our system recommends new stakeholders based on queries made by users and (2) Emerging Themes: we detect the emergence of new themes from the continuous monitoring of stakeholders.

There is no minimum number or limit of stakeholders and issues that can be added and monitored by the platform. Our system is configured according to the challenges and needs of customers’ projects.

LivingStakeholders can be integrated with all platforms or systems that have an API (Application Programming Interface). This requires an analysis by our development team to assess the feasibility, timing and costs for this integration.

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Mapping and Management

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