Uncover and stimulate the networks behind the formal organization chart.

In a hyper-connected and complex world,unraveling informal work networks and understanding the dynamics of cooperation within organizations is crucial for Organizational and Digital Transformation.


Why use LivingTeamwork® ?

LivingTeamwork® is the pioneer Assessment System that visually and measurably reveals the map of relationships between employees within and between organizations, making visible the cooperation flows, knowledge exchange and decision-making. And actually identify how the work is carried out and who are the informal leaders that influence the Organizational Culture.

Reveals informal networks

It makes visible the exchange flows of information, knowledge, energy, innovation, among others, regardless of position, hierarchical position or formal communication channel.

Identifies key employees

Identifies the structural position of each employee in the Network, regardless of their hierarchical position, measuring the level of influence and identifying Informal Leaders.

Develops more energized, cooperative and innovative networks

It creates scenarios of desired networks and stimulates connections to make the Network more integrated, cooperative, energized, agile and innovative.

Collaborates with the improvement of the Organizational Climate

It integrates employees, encourages a sense of belonging and optimizes network workflows.

Stimulates more diverse and inclusive organizations

It strategically measures the levels of inclusion, helping to implement measures that encourage the integration of organizational diversity.

Integrates data in a practical and objective way

It allows you to see dispersed and isolated data from employees in a single place and, most importantly, in a Network format.

Get full Profiles and Individual Development Plans

Access a page with information on each employee, their influence indicators and their workforce networks:

Work fully online

Quiz with simple, quick and easy setup

Browse Organizational Networks

Powerful and Intuitive Navigation in Networks:

It is the pioneer and exclusive online Platform that enables the Mapping, Monitoring and Management of Organizational Networks in a simple, fast and intuitive way.

Step 1

Digital questionnaire with 3 questions:

Online questionnaire, simple and easy to set up, with the possibility of inserting customized questions.

Step 2

Online technology for accessing and browsing Work Networks:

Systemic view of the organization with accurate information and Workforce KPIs.

Step 3

Executive report with analysis of results:

Consolidated reports with the main results, indicators and insights about the mapped Networks.

Step 4

Specialized support:

Specialists in Organizational Network Analysis follow the success of the project from beginning to end.

LivingTeamwork® Methodology

Developed by Tree Intelligence in 2010, the Assessment model of “Network Pyramid® is a pioneering and effective methodology applied in more than 150 organizations around the world. In a simple way it reveals the following dimensions of organizational networks:
Innovation/ Creativity
Motivation/ Energy
Cooperation/ Communication

“In times of hyper-connected relationships and increasingly agile changes, informal networks are important allies to make companies more innovative and competitive”

A company’s ability to innovate does not depend on individual genius, but on the structure of cooperation networks that connect people and ideas.

When to use LivingTeamwork® ?

is the pioneering Workforce Network Assessment System that supports strategic decisions by executives, managers and consultants working in the areas of Human Resources, People Management, Development and Organizational Transformation.

Organizational Diversity

Some of the Companies Using LivingTeamwork®

LivingTeamwork® in numbers

It has been more than 10 years carrying out Organizational Network Analysis projects in leading organizations of different sizes and segments around the world.

+ 1000

Partner companies that use our technology in  their strategies:

What people say about  LivingTeamwork®

CTG Brasil
Tree Intelligence was an essential partner in our Cultural Transformation program, which started in 2019 and continued in 2020, even during the pandemic. With its scientific, data-based approach and strong analytical appeal, Tree Intelligence - LivingTeamwork provided us with network maps, helped us to identify the characteristics of our internal networks and supported us in outlining the actions so that this mapping would serve our culture actions with the “nodes” and internal influencers, as well as providing us with an effective tool to activate internal networks and deploy the necessary actions during the months of the pandemic, strengthening the organizational culture and maintaining the integrity and cohesion of our organization in the midst of the great challenges of this period.
José Renato Domingues
Corporative Vice President
Corall Consultoria
In the complex environment we are living in, companies that are able to adapt quickly will be the ones that will thrive. And one of the fundamental elements for this is the quality of your network of relationships. Tree Intelligence - LivingTeamwork has been our partner for several years in mapping our clients' networks and the analyzes they provide us are extremely useful for designing integration strategies, strengthening networks and transforming organizations. Very pleased with this partnership!
Mauricio Goldstein
Sócio Consultor na
SWARMS - Collective Intelligence Applied
​​I have at Tree Intelligence a great partnership to help me map the complexities of organizational networks. The LivingTeamwork technology and its associated methodology are essential when I need to understand some aspects of the patterns of people's interactions in an organizational system. Whenever I can, I include them in the transformation projects I'm involved in and it's a pity that the more traditional and fragmented organizations still don't understand the benefits of this type of approach. The ability to visualize the network provides a power of wholeness that is useful at all levels of organizational thinking [philosophical, planning, and design]. Congratulations to the whole team for 10 years! We keep together!
Charles Bezerra
Managing Partner at


The most frequently asked questions about LivingTeamwork®

The approach to mapping, monitoring and managing organizational networks and the LivingTeamwork® technology developed by Tree Intelligence can be applied to any type of organization in the most different market segments. Tree has expertise in more than 150 projects in companies in sectors such as retail, services, mining, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, whether in Brazil or in other countries

Speaking of consulting projects carried out directly by Tree Intelligence, we suggest companies with more than 150 employees, but without a maximum number of employees. We have already carried out projects with network mapping with more than 50 thousand employees.

For projects carried out by certified consultants, we suggest that organizational network mapping and analysis projects be carried out in any company with more than 50 employees.

Yes, the questionnaire created in LivingTeamwork® can be applied in different languages ​​simultaneously, and participants can select the option they prefer.
Yes, the mapping performed with LivingTeamwork® can be applied locally and also in different regions and countries simultaneously.

No, for mapping organizational networks it is not necessary that all people answer the questionnaire. With only a portion of the participants answering the questionnaire, it is possible to build networks, carry out the analysis and obtain results with strategic insights for the organization.

Between 15 to 20 minutes on average. There are only 3 questions that make up the Networking Pyramid®, developed by Tree Intelligence. The questionnaire can be accessed and answered from any device connected to the internet (desktop, notebook, cell phone, tablet).

On average 3-4 weeks depending on the size of the organization.

I want to hire LivingTeamwork®

I want to hire LivingTeamwork®

Discover in practice all the power of your Organizational Networks! See how LivingTeamwork® helps you manage your Work Networks and provides strategic insights to:

-Assist in Organizational Development
-Improve your Talent Management;
-Create more Cooperative, Energized and Innovative work environments

Unveil and transform your Organizational Networks in an objective, practical and fastway!

Get certified in the discipline that is transforming organizations

This is not another online course on Organizational Network Analysis! This is an Intensive Program that will certify you in the application of the exclusive LivingTeamwork® method and technology.

You will be certified by a team with +10 years of proven experience in the application of Organizational Network Analysis in +150 Organizations of different segments, sizes and countries. Increasingly, managing organizations through a network will be a great differentiator for professionals in the areas of people and organizational development.
Enroll in the most complete online certification program to apply the LivingTeamwork® method and technology of mapping and managing networks.

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