Tree Intelligence has created this Privacy Policy in order to, based on Brazilian and European data protection legislation, demonstrate its commitment to the protection of the data collected for the performance of its services. 

In this document, we present how information is collected, used, stored and protected in different situations, always in this context of protecting and safeguarding the data of our customers, business partners, suppliers, respondents, users, online visitors and employees within the scope of the legislation on data protection. 

In order to facilitate the reading and understanding of the details of our Privacy Policy, this document is segmented as follows:  

Tree Intelligence – Reproduction/dissemination, in whole or in part, without express written permission is prohibited.


Tree Intelligence is an international company, based in Brazil, Argentina, the United States and with European connections, whose purpose is consultancy and technology specialized in the mapping, monitoring and management of internal, external and integrated multi-stakeholder networks (parties involved and interested parties) for companies or individuals who wish to contract their services. 

Pioneering in the market since 2011, Tree Intelligence methodologically integrates Data Science, Network Science and Digital Ethnography (Netnography) and through a global network of specialists, reveals and monitors multi-stakeholder networks on specific topics, understanding the evolution of their narratives, their positions and the power of viralization of their perceptions on the web. 

To this end, Tree Intelligence created and developed specific products to proceed with the commercialization of its services globally. 

They are: 

▪ LivingStakeholders 

▪ LivingTeamwork 

▪ LivingInfluencers 

To learn more about our products, please visit: 




LivingNethos ® Platform 

The data collected by Tree Intelligence in order to deliver the services contracted by our customers are inserted, stored and made available on Tree Intelligence’s proprietary online platform, called LivingNethos®, which brings together data research, collection, analysis and visualization tools. 

This platform can be accessed on electronic devices, such as computers, cell phones and tablets, by entering access credentials (login and password), on any device at any time. 

The LivingNethos ® platform is hosted on servers with the highest security technology and duly certified by competent international bodies. 



In order to provide our research services on the Internet, Tree Intelligence performs the search and scanning of data through electronic searches on open systems on the Internet. 

Tree Intelligence – Reproduction/dissemination, in whole or in part, without express written permission is prohibited.

Tree Intelligence also collects data from public databases, made available directly by government agencies and civil society organizations, in addition to social media. 

In the case of personal data collected automatically, Tree Intelligence uses some market technologies, such as cookies, scraping , crawlers and connections via API .



In cases of internal collaboration network mapping , Tree Intelligence will send to the participants of our surveys, developed and applied through proprietary methodology, a specific questionnaire for this purpose. 

Respondents, employees of the companies that hire our services, will receive via email, with the prior consent of these same companies, a questionnaire where some sensitive information will be collected, such as workplace (state, city, country), position they hold in the company, age group, race and gender, as well as others, to be defined according to the profile of the contracted survey and with the full consent of the contracting companies, and always with due authorization of the respondents to provide the necessary information to carry out these surveys . 


Tree Intelligence will collect personal data entered by visitors in forms hosted on our Internet sites, as well as personal data of users who securely access our LivingNethos® platform , by granting login and password credentials. 


The processing of personal data by Tree Intelligence occurs in the following situations: 

▪ Execution of services contracted by companies and made available by Tree Intelligence, with specific authorization from such contracting companies and their employees to continue the contracted services, in which Tree Intelligence will do all the research and data processing of the people involved. 

▪ In the construction and evaluation of the profile of its customers, users and visitors, to offer personalized products and compatible with their needs, based on the analysis of their habits and preferences in the various interaction channels with Tree Intelligence, such as their LivingNethos® platform and service websites. 

▪ In the implementation and development of our products and services. ▪ In cases of complaint when there is a quote from Tree Intelligence on social media or specific platforms, with the purpose of resolving the points claimed,as well as adopting the necessary measures to resolve the situation in the best possible way. ▪ For the conduct of activities that aim to prevent the occurrence of fraud, 

Tree Intelligence – Reproduction/dissemination, in whole or in part, without express written permission is prohibited.

plagiarism and/or any way of improper use of copyrights, trademarks, patents etc. 

▪ Through authorization granted, as in the process of sending direct marketing of Tree Intelligence products. 


Tree Intelligence uses only data obtained from the Internet, from public and open databases, such as those made available by government agencies, civil society organizations and social media. 

Tree Intelligence stresses that personal data will not be made available, except for those that are treated, depersonalized and that do not contain any sensitive information, in cases in which research by Tree Intelligence is presented, whose data will remain securely stored on its servers. 

Due to the products and services offered by Tree Intelligence, only personal data processed and depersonalized may also be shared with partner companies and the Tree Intelligence Group located abroad, which shall have the same levels of protection, care and confidentiality as provided for in the Brazilian legislation. 


The personal data held by Tree Intelligence are stored in accordance with the strictest security standards adopted by the market, which includes the adoption of measures such as: 

▪ Protection against unauthorized access. 

▪ International security certifications on our contracted servers. 

▪ Restricted access of people to the place where personal information is stored. ▪ Adoption of procedures, so that internal employees or external partners that carry out the processing of personal data are committed to maintaining the absolute confidentiality of the information, adopting the best practices for handling this data, as determined in the corporate governance policies and procedures. 

In addition to technical efforts, Tree Intelligence also adopts institutional measures aimed at protecting personal data, so that it maintains a governance and privacy program applied to its activities, which is constantly updated. 



Personal data, treated by Tree Intelligence, will be deleted when they are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected, or when requested by any interested party, 

Tree Intelligence – Reproduction/dissemination, in whole or in part, without express written permission is prohibited. 

except in the event of the need to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation, transfer to a third party – from that the data processing requirements and exclusive use of Tree 

Tree Intelligence – Reproduction/dissemination, in whole or in part, without express written permission is prohibited.

Intelligence are respected, including for the exercise of their rights in judicial or administrative proceedings. 

Additionally, Tree Intelligence understands that, if non-sensitive personal data is still in its database, it can use it as a data source for new research and new information to form a database that helps in netnography. 



In compliance with the applicable regulations, Brazilian and international, with regard to the processing of personal data, Tree Intelligence respects and guarantees the fulfillment of requests from the beginning of the General Data Protection Law. 

Tree Intelligence will make every reasonable effort to meet the requests made by the requester, in the shortest possible time. However, justifiable factors may delay or prevent your prompt service, and it is certain that, in the event of a delay, Tree Intelligence will provide the applicants with the necessary reasons. 

Finally, the requester must be aware that his request may be legally rejected, be it for formal reasons (such as one’s inability to prove his/her identity) or legal reasons (such as the request for deletion of data whose maintenance is a free exercise of rights by Tree Intelligence), and it is certain that, in the event of impossibility of meeting these requests, Tree Intelligence will present to the requester the reasonable justifications. 



Cookies are files or information that can be stored on your devices when someone visits the websites or uses Tree Intelligence’s online services. Generally, a cookie contains the name of the website that has originated it, its lifetime and a value, which is generated randomly applied. 

Tree Intelligence uses cookies to facilitate the use and better adapt its websites and applications to the interests and needs of its customers, users and visitors, as well as to assist and improve its structures and content. Cookies can also be used to speed up your future activities and experiences on our services. 

Through cookies, the website stores information about browser activities, including IP address and the page accessed. These activity logs (logs), which may include data such as the IP address, the actions performed on the site, the pages accessed, the dates and times of each action and access to each page of the site and information about the device used, version of operating system, browser, among other installed applications, will be used only for statistical and metrics purposes of the services provided, for the investigation of fraud or undue changes in their systems and registrations, not having the purpose of supplying the data to third parties without your express permission. 

Tree Intelligence – Reproduction/dissemination, in whole or in part, without express written permission is prohibited.



Cookies are essential for Tree Intelligence’s sites to allow the best possible user experience. 


Cookies help us understand how visitors interact with Tree Intelligence pages, providing information about the areas visited, the time they visited the site and any problems encountered, such as error messages. 


Cookies allow Tree Intelligence pages to remember your choices, to provide a personalized experience. Also, they allow Users and/or Visitors to watch videos and use social tools, fields for comments and forums, among others. 


Cookies are used to provide more relevant content and of interest to those who visit Tree Intelligence’s sites. 

They can be used to present advertising with a greater targeting or to limit the number that it is served on Tree Intelligence’s pages. They also allow the measurement of the effectiveness of a publicity campaign launched. 

At any time, any interested party, the user and purchaser of our services and/or visitors to our sites, may revoke their authorization regarding the use of cookies, using the settings of their preferred browser. However, we warn that, depending on the choice made, certain features of our services may not work as expected, as well as aspects of information security and fraud prevention may be impacted. 

For more information on how to manage cookies directly in your preferred browser, we advise you to consult the tutorials on this topic available in your browser. 



If you want to clarify any additional questions, please kindly contact us through the relationship channels available on Tree Intelligence’s websites. 

Tree Intelligence – Reproduction/dissemination, in whole or in part, without express written permission is prohibited.



This document was prepared based on the applicable legislation on information security, privacy and data protection, including (whenever applicable) the Federal Constitution, the Consumer Protection Code, the Civil Code, the Civil Framework of the Internet (Federal Law No. 12965/2014), its regulatory decree (Decree 8771/2016), the General Data Protection Law (Federal Law No. 13709/2018), and other sectoral or general rules on the subject. 

Also, due to the presence of Tree Intelligence outside Brazil, the rules and regulations of the United States and Europe were also taken into account. 

Tree Intelligence reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, alter, add or remove parts of this document at any time and will inform everyone of the changes, through its websites and/or communication via e-mail. 

This Privacy Policy was created in February 2021 and will be reviewed annually. and/or when there is a change in the corresponding legislation. 

Tree Intelligence – Reproduction/dissemination, in whole or in part, without express written permission is prohibited.

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