Talent Identification and Management

Know who your talents and informal leaders are and take preventive actions to reduce churn and demotivation, stimulating engagement and commitment to the organization.

New world trends such as “The great resignation” summarize the growing difficulty in keeping employees motivated.

For that, the first thing is to know how to correctly identify them and understand their relationship networks that keep them connected with the organization. Organizational networks mapping makes possible to know:

How we do

We conduct an Organizational Network Analysis mapping using our LivingTeamwork technology, which is based on the Network Pyramid Model (García, HBR). This model was developed by Tree Intelligence founding partner 10 years ago and has been applied in the diagnosis and development of hundreds of organizations of different sizes, segments and countries.

You will be able to browse, segment, measure and discover who is who (regardless of the formal organization chart), what are the communication flows and bottlenecks and how they can be redesigned to accelerate change and achieve your strategic goals.

All this in a simple, fast and objective way with the support of a highly specialized international team.

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