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The only systemic multi-stakeholder approach on the market for the Mapping, Monitoring and Development of your Strategic Networks.

Conectar pessoas, organizações e propósitos

A Tree Intelligence é uma empresa global de tecnologia e estratégia, especializada em inteligência de redes,
por meio da integração de Ciência de Redes, Netnografia e
Ciência de Dados

São mais de 10 anos fornecendo inteligência de redes Multi-Stakeholders em organizações no mundo todo.

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When it comes to different stakeholders, have you ever pictured a Network Map on who they are, how they influence each other and what they are talking about?

Regardless of the area in which you operate, our technologies and systemic approaches make it possible to navigate through Stakeholder Networks and specific issues, in addition to establishing strategic paths and monitoring their evolution.

Practical method with

Through our platforms, analysts, partners and customers navigate dashboards and customized reports that reveal Influence Networks and the flow of narratives between diverse stakeholders, both inside and outside your organization.

In this way, it is possible to make tangible how perceptions, positions and narratives evolve, identifying trends, creating opportunities and mitigating risks. 

Navigating complex networks without a strategic map may be costly for your Brand:

In the INTERNAL environment:

In the EXTERNAL environment:

Connecting people, organizations and purposes

Tree Intelligence is a global technology and strategy company, specialized in Network Intelligence, through the pioneering integration of Network Science, Netnography and Data Science.

It has been more than 10 years providing Multi-Stakeholder Network Intelligence to organizations around the world.

We integrate Technology with  Strategy

No single technology provides the context and meaning for making strategic decisions.As one of its key characteristics, Tree Intelligence unleashes the power to associate cutting-edge technology with the involvement of specialists and strategists in specific areas.

In a world characterized by information overload, it is essential to capture the signal and, through experts, provide context and meaning, thus obtaining strategic knowledge.

Tree Intelligence’s Mission is to develop the Strategic Network Thinking® in the business world

With our proprietary methodological approach that aligns technology and human analysis, far beyond identifying stakeholders and issues, we deep dive in different networks to map behaviors, narratives and digital communities, providing thorough extensive reports featuring insights capable of directing and guiding your organization with vision and strategic knowledge.

Our Technologies

Tree Intelligence delivers its services through the following technologies:

LivingTeamwork® is the pioneer Assessment System that reveals the Communication/Networking Map among employees within the organization, identifying internal influencers and measuring different flows such as cooperation, knowledge exchange and decision making.

Accelerate Organizational Transformation processes with LivingTeamwork®.

LivingStakeholders®  is the Mapping, Monitoring and Management System for multi-stakeholder and multi-issue Networks that provides an integrated and strategic view of your organization’s business ecosystem

Some of our  Clients

What they say about  Tree Intelligence

NATURA & CO Latin America
We faced the challenge of accelerating the digitalization and social selling of Natura Consultants to continue the evolution of our business model. We identified the need to deepen our understanding of the digital ecosystem and sought Tree Intelligence - LivingStakeholders as a strategic partner, specialist in Netnography, thanks to previous experiences of successful projects in other areas such as Branding and Innovation. The approaches to mapping, knowledge and commitment made it possible to achieve the objectives and direct the execution of the digitalization and social selling front of Natura Consultants that accelerated growth in recent years and prepared us for the New Normal, where digital ecosystems have even gained more relevance.
Head of Strategy
SWARMS - Collective Intelligenc
​​I have at Tree Intelligence a great partnership to help me map the complexities of Organizational Networks. The LivingTeamwork technology and its associated methodology are essential when I need to understand some aspects of the patterns of people's interactions in an organizational system.
Charles Bezerra
Managing Partner at
Our partnership with Tree Intelligence - LivingStakeholders spans an extensive 10 year period. During this time, we have worked on several fronts where we have used network mapping and intelligence to guide our strategy in areas as diverse as Regulatory and Science development as well as Brand engagement. Their capability is unique as are the insights they help generate. A great ally in creating competitive advantages for our business.
Andrea Alves
Chief Brand, Innovation, International and Sustainability Officer -
CTG Brasil
Tree Intelligence was an essential partner in our Cultural Transformation program, which started in 2019 and continued in 2020, even during the pandemic. With its scientific approach, based on data and with a strong analytical appeal, Tree Intelligence - LivingTeamwork provided us with Network maps, helped us to identify the characteristics of our internal networks and supported us in outlining the actions so that this mapping would serve our culture actions towards the “nodes” and internal influencers, as well as providing us with an effective tool to activate internal networks and unfold the necessary actions during the pandemic months, strengthening the organizational culture and maintaining the integrity and cohesion of our organization amidst the great challenges of that period.
José Renato Domingues
Corporative Vice President
Corall Consultoria
In the complex environment we are living in, companies that are able to adapt quickly will be the ones that will thrive. And one of the fundamental elements for this is the quality of your relationships Network. Tree Intelligence - LivingTeamwork has been our partner for several years in mapping our clients' networks and the analysis they provide us are extremely useful for designing integration strategies, strengthening networks and transforming organizations. Very pleased with this partnership!
Mauricio Goldstein
Sócio Consultor
Fundação Renova
Tree Intelligence - LivingStakeholders really helped us in structuring the model for mapping the stakeholders involved in the repair of the Rio Doce. We are grateful to all the team members who supported us in consolidating such a complex network.
William Sarayeddin
Institutional Relations Manager

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